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Typical Project Work -- (3:09)

1. Typical Project Work

This video cover features for doing typical project work

2. Create a Written Plan

Start projects by creating a written plan. 

Select the project plan icon in the left navigation bar.

Tailor the plan categories for your project.

Record significant accomplishments and learnings, especially on large projects.

3. Parallel Workflow - 4. Left to Right Workflow

The main page displays the project workflow and scope.

It can include multiple deliverables to be worked on in parallel, or a left to right workflow

The drag and drop structure displays all deliverables and their work packages.

Tasks are contained within the work packages.

5. Open a Deliverable

Double click a deliverable, to open

6. Deliverable Title

At the top of the page is the deliverable title. It can be edited.

The arrow to the left of the title will take you back to the main page.

7. Deliverable Status

The status and schedule alerts, are rolled up from tasks, to work packages, to the deliverables.

Status and schedule are entered in tasks.

8. Assign the Deliverable

Selecting Assign too, opens a dropdown.

The list displays the current team members for the open project, and all projects in the account.

New entries will the added to this and all other team list.

9. Set Priority

Use the priority dropdown, to set or remove priority.

Setting priority, displays a teal exclamation point.

10. Dates Are Rolled-up

The dates are rolled up from tasks, to work packages, to the deliverables.

Dates are entered in tasks.

11. Description

Best practice, would be to describe deliverables as things.

Enter a description of the deliverable, so all will easily recognize what the project is expected to deliver.

12. Work Packages

Deliverables contain work packages, displayed on the right.

13. Select a Work Package

Select a work package.

14. Describe the Work Package

The work package layout, and elements, are similar to the deliverable.

Best practice for describing a work package is to start with a verb.

This approach recognizes that it's describing work.

Verify that the description is broad enough to encompass the required multiple tasks

15. Expand Tasks

You can access the tasks, while viewing the work package description, or you can select the arrow, to expand the tasks.

16. Select Tasks

Selecting the plus button on the left of the teal bar will add a task.

Selecting the down arrow on the right will override the automatic sorting.

Double clicking a task bar will open the task,

17. Task

Best practice for describing a task is to start with a verb.

Dates entered into tasks are rolled up to the work package, deliverable, and the project.

18. Alerts

Logical alerts, based on the dates entered, are built into the flow.

The needs attention report, on the dashboard, is your smart tool for monitoring and editing, commitments.

Select the item links, to go directly to the item.

Select a task link, to edit a date.

Tasks with and end date of today, can be your to-do list.

19. Thank You For Watching,

Thanks for watching, check out our other videos

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