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Task Features -- (2:34)

1. Project-Assistant Task Page Introduction

This video will briefly describe the Project Assistant's task features 

2. Open a Task

Double-tap a task to open

3. Task Label

At the top left of the page is the task label. Tap the pencil icon to edit.

Tap the white arrow in the green circle to back up to the work package page.

4. Task Status

Tap the task status to open a drop-down list, and select the status. The task status is rolled up to the status of the work package, deliverable, and project.

When all tasks within a work package are complete, the work package is complete. 

5. Assign the Task

Tap the assign to box and a dropdown displays.

The team members that were entered for this project followed by the additional team members entered in your other projects will be listed. Adding a new team member will automatically be added to the project's master team list.  

6. Set Priority

Select the priority box to set or remove priority.

7. Task Dates

There are four dates, expected start, actual start, expected end, and actual end. certain dates automatically change as the a particular status is changed. Changing status from not started to in progress will automatically enter  the current date into expected start and actual start, users can edit the dates. Changing the status to done will automatically enter the current date into actual end, users can edit the date.

8. Task Description

Describe the task..

Best practice is the develop the habit of starting with a verb when labeling and describing a task. This helps provide focus on the work to be done.

Some examples; identify..., define... facilitate . etc.

9. Task Sorting

Tasks are automatically displayed in the following sequence from top to bottom.

In progress, by date, not started, by date, and done, by date. 

Select the task sorting button, to override the automatic sorting.

Drag and drop the task in any sequence. Select the sorting button again to return to automatic sorting.

10. Add a Task

Tap the plus button to add a task

The dropdown will display tasks to select from that are appropriate based on the template used to start the project.

Follow the prompts.

11. Hide - Show Work Package Description

Tap the hide description button to hide the work package description and expand the tasks.

Tap it again to display the description.

12. Thank You For Watching

Thanks for watching, please check out our other videos.

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