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T-Verify Resource Requirements

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Resources create the project's deliverables. Do you have the resources to create the desired outcome?

  • Review resource requirements and develop your resource plan

  • recognizing that each phase typically requires different types and quantities of resources.


  • Identify resources, knowledge, and skills required.

  • Consider all phases of the project, including management requirements.

  • Identify specific individuals within the organization that have required skills

  • Identify all skills for which internal competencies fall short or do not exist.

  • Produce an initial cost estimate and budget requirement for the project that’s consistent with the organization’s financial management and control system.

  • If a specific budget was established & must be met constantly monitor all cost items.

  • Typical cost items include; capital equipment, employee time, external resources, materials, tools, supplies, & documentation


  • Idle resources increase cost

  • Unavailable resources increase schedule

  • Mismatched resources jeopardize quality

Balanced resources:

  • Enable concurrent work

  • Promotes teamwork

  • Produces desirable results


  • You Can't manage time

  • Manage what you do with your time, your daily processes and work

  • Control distractions that break your flow

  • Multi-tasking doesn’t work, it usually requires more time while risking mistakes

  • Determine what’s important & critical

  • Be comfortable with saying “no”

  • Everything takes longer than you think


  • Should support the process & organization’s maturity

  • Promote collaboration

  • Balance summary & detail

  • Use templates with guidance

  • Simplify tracking tools & metric performance

  • Should be easy to use for the “casual” project manager & team members


  • Identify materials / equipment required by task

  • Is there a preferred source for specific materials / equipment?

  • Do you need / have a vendor selection process?

  • Do you have vendor past performance data?

  • Build acquisition time into your schedule

  • Track & update acquisition time by vendor


  • Company specific

  • Identify cost items

  • Tie cost items to deliverables

  • Validate deliverable costs

  • Establish simple tracking tools

  • Link costs with department budgets

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