• Stephen Stofanak

Project Workflow

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

  • This is the workflow that was selected when the project was created.

  • These work packages are applied across the solution deliverables.

  • It's common to be doing several work packages in parallel.

Start Project Workflow

Assess the project >

Teal fill = Done.

Launch the project >

Grey fill = In Progress.

! = priority.

Establish the project team(s) >

Calendar icon = schedule alert

Avatar initial of person assigned

Define the project's purpose & goals >

No fill = Not Started

Describe the solution deliverables >

Describe the work packages >

Lead & manage the project >

To add more workflow work packages select the + above the workflow.

Basic Account Workflows:

  • Start Project

  • Default Deliverables

  • Expand Project

  • Kanban

  • Software Development Kanban

Pro Workflows:

  • Predefined Solution Workflows

  • Predefined Solution Deliverables

  • Predefined Solution Work Packages