• Stephen Stofanak

Project Assistant Dashboard

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Project List:

  • Login to your account and the dashboard displays your projects.

  • New accounts are automatically created with the First Project built on the Start Project workflow.

  • Click a project bar once to select the project, the OVERVIEW button displays

  • Double click a project bar and the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) will display

Project List

Project Overview:

  • Select Project OVERVIEW

  • Enter project name

  • Displays workflow used to create the project

  • Enter sponsor

  • Enter project manager

  • Project ID, max of 5 characters, it can be edited

  • The account that created the project

  • Enter expected start date

  • Enter expected end date

Project Overview

Project Actions:

  • Select 3 dots on the right of a project bar

  • Open project

  • Delete project

  • Copy project

Project Actions