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T-Notification Of Work That Needs Attention

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Use the Needs Attention report and the Schedule to monitor and update work that is overdue, due today, due soon, or needs an end date.

1. Logging in or selecting the Dashboard displays the Needs Attention Report on the right.

2. the Needs Attention report displays items from all the projects in your account.

3. Project titles are bold, followed by each WBS level indented, Deliverable, Work Package, and Task.

4. Each entry has a link that goes directly to the item for review and edit.

5. You can switch between items assigned to you (ME) or the team.

6. Assign the email address that was used to login

7. Task dates and status are rolled up to the Work Package, Deliverable, and Project

8. The Schedule report displays all the items entered in a particular project.

9. Double click a project bar in the Dashboard to open a project.

10. Select the 3rd icon from the top of the Navigation bar on the left to display the project's schedule.

11. The Schedule contains the the Status filters, Not Started, In Progress, and Done

12 Task status and dates can be changed, they have an associated status button

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