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How Do I Launch My Project?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Brought to you by Project Assistant

12 Steps For Launching Successful Projects:

  • Ensure the launch is assigned to either the project manager or a core team member

  • Define the key messages to be presented

  • Describe the results or expected actions the launch needs to produce

  • Tailor the information and materials to be presented for the intended audience

  • Verify who must be involved in the launch

  • Have the sponsor collaborate on planning the launch and actively participating in sharing key information especially for high impact and complex projects

  • Send an agenda in advance regardless if it's in-person, a virtual meeting, or no meeting

  • Be sure to share key background information

  • Include the proposed project workflow, tools to be used, and administrative procedures

  • Assign responsibilities and verify the time required and availability

  • Record and share results accomplished and action items shortly after the launch

  • Perform a post-op review to capture learnings and opportunities for improvement

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