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T-DMAIC Team Charter

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Example: Team Charter

Project Sponsor: Bill Rublee Project Name: Technology Performance

Team Leader: Fran Colby

1. Describe the team’s main purpose: Recent surveys have indicated that the technology used for reporting and acting on performance measures is not adequate. The purpose of this team is to conduct the DMAIC process so that this gap is closed.

2. List the strategic goals this team’s effort will support. Also list all key stakeholders (internal or external) that will benefit from the team’s success: Strategic Goals: • Improve quality across the organization • Be customer focused • Leverage technology to enhance decision making Key Stakeholder(s): • Department managers • Area supervisors • Senior leaders

3. Problem/Opportunity: Describe what the team is expected to deliver in terms of (results/deliverables): Result/Deliverable: Milestone Date: v Analysis of stakeholder needs and concerns April 7 v Benchmark info on other organization’s approaches May 7 v Key causes to gaps in performance, prioritized May 30 v Recommended final solution June 30 v Implementation Plan July 15

4. What decisions (outside typical authority) might this team need to make? What information might it need that it may not typically have access to? Decisions: • Benchmarking sources and possible visits to make • Technology choices Information: • Feedback survey data from IT • Capital resources available for proposed solutions • Senior leader expectations for technology utilization, ROI

5. Are there any other needed resources or cost allowances that are foreseen at this point? Capital expenditure approval and trips to visit benchmark sites.

6. What minutes, reports should the team issue, and to whom? Minutes/Report: Recipient(s): Minutes of team meetings All stakeholders & Sponsor Milestone status Sponsor

7. List the team members who will be on this team: (team members must have a key stake in the team’s success and will support a team approach) Name: What experience, expertise or asset they offer Bonnie Ryan IT department; conducted user survey Fred Lloyd Department manager; champion for better data access Holly Bell Supervisor; able to give supervisor’s needs/concerns Brian Lieu IT deprtment; programmer Ramanie Sahns Quality assurance; brings quality persepctive

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