• Stephen Stofanak

Workflow Management

Updated: Apr 7

PMOs, Experienced Employees, or Consultants Create and Assign Smart Templates

PMOs, Experienced Employees, and Consultants:

  • Request free Workflow Management upgrade

  • Verify your account was upgraded by selecting the avatar at the top right, dropdown will include "Workflows"

Create Smart Templates:

  • Select the project with a single click

  • Select the 3 vertical dots on the right of the project bar

  • Select Save as private template

  • Enter descriptions as required

  • Enter advice as required

  • Parent components (deliverables, work packages, and tasks) are available to add to projects.

  • Enter additional unique template components for adding to projects.

  • Select "Workflows" in avatar dropdown

  • Enter your group's name

Enter Group Members:

  • Select "Workflows" in the drop-down under account avatar

  • Enter individual emails and or tags for sharing templates

  • Enter comma and space between multiple tags

Assign Private Templates to Specific Members

  • Select the template with a single click

  • Scroll down to assign the template

Assign the selected template to an individual or tag(s)

  • Select email and or tags on the left

  • Access is displayed on the right

Start projects using the private template

  • Logged into my Project Guidance account

  • Account Demo Two gave me access to the template

  • I selected the template, it displayed in the list on the left

  • Select DONE, GO BACK

  • Select the template

  • Enter the project name

  • Continue following the prompts to create the new project