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Create Written Project Plans -- (X:XX)

1. Create Written Project Plans

This video, will describe why and how to create a written project plan

2. Purpose of a Written Project Plan

When you recognize that projects create things that currently don't exist or they modify what does exist one can readily understand that during a project differences will undoubtedly arise. The most effective way to resolve these differences is to document key elements of the project, share, collaborate, come to consensus, and continuously update the document, that is. the project plan. 

3. Open the Project Plan

Project-Assistant provides a project plan feature. Open the project and select the second icon from the top of the left navigation bar.

The starting elements included in the plan will be dependent on the template used to create the project. 

Customize the elements to meet your project's needs.

Best practice is to establish a minimum set time to review, share, and update the plan.

4. Accomplishments

Record major accomplishments as the project progresses.

5. Learnings

Record learnings and improvement opportunities as they occur.

6. Daily / Weekly Update Supports the Project Plan

The daily or weekly update complements the project plan. 

Tie you updates back to the project plan. 

7. The Project Plan is the Foundation For Defining the Project Scope

The Benefits Include:

- Project start-up is faster.

- The work is more predictable.

- Teams know what to expect.

- All members learn best practices.

- Project results are improved.

- and users develop a competitive advantage.

8. Thank You For Watching

Thanks for watching, please check out our other videos.

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