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Project Scope Framework -- (1:04)

1. Project Scope Introduction

This video will identify the features within the framework of the project scope page

2. Left Navigation Bar

Scroll to the top of the left navigation bar.

Roll over each icon to view the available features

3. Select the Team, 4. Update the Team

Scroll to the top right and tap the team button.

A popup opens, enter the email addresses for sharing the project and assigning work. 

5. Collapse the Project Scope

Selecting the button to the right of the team button, will hide items that have not started or are done and have not been pinned.

The components that are in progress, or have been pinned will be displayed.

Select the button again, and all components will be displayed.

6. Add a Column (Deliverable)

Add a new column to the right of a selected column.

Select a column, tap the plus button to the right of the words project scope. 

You will be prompted to enter the deliverable's information. 

The column can be dragged to any position

A deliverable column contains work packages, and work packages contain tasks.

7. Thank You For Watching

Thanks for watching, please check out our other videos.

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