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Dashboard 2 Features -- (1:23)

1. Project-Assistant Dashboard Introduction

This video will identify the features available from the dashboard

2. Logging in Opens the Dashboard

When you log into your account, the dashboard is displayed.

Your project list is on the left, and the needs attention report is on the right.

3. Select a Project 

Tap a project bar once to select

The overview button is displayed

Select overview.

4. Project Overview 

Review the overview information, some items are greyed-out and can't be edited

Select the sponsor and project manager from your master team list

New members are added to the master list

Timeline dates are rolled up from the lowest level

Selecting the team button opens the team pop-up

5. Update Your Team

This is the master team list for the selected project. Members can be removed here.  

6. Back to the Dashboard

Tap the back arrow in the green button to return to the dashboard 

7. Add a New Project

Select the plus button to add a new project

8. Follow the Prompts

Select a template and follow the prompts 

9. Home Button

Tap the home button at the top left to open the dashboard

10. Project Title and % Complete

In the center of the top bar is the selected project title and its percent complete

11. Project-Assistant Help

The question mark on the right opens the help page 

12. Account

The avatar on the right displays your account information and logout button

13. Thank You For Watching

Thanks for watching, please check out our other videos.

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