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Benefits of Custom Templates -- (1:36)

1. Benefits of Custom Project Templates

This video, will highlight the benefits of using custom project templates.

2. Projects Create the Company Future

Companies use projects to improve results, and create their future

They want employees to use the new software, follow the new procedure,

and they want customers to buy the new product.

3. Follow a Custom Project Workflow

Most projects do not deliver the expected result.

Very often, project teams focus on symptoms, and not the core problem.

The # 1 reason projects fail, is not following a custom project workflow.

4. Don't Reinvent Every Project 

When assigned a project, employees in small to mid-size organizations, usually wing it.

Their organization has not provided a workflow for doing projects.

5. Create Custom Project Workflows 

We make it easy for experienced individuals, PMOs, and consultants, to create customized project workflows, for their end-users.

Our Smart Templates help reduce uncertainty, confusion, and stress.

6. Create Smart Templates

Users of our Template Management feature, can create a template from an existing project, or, another template.

They customize the workflow, and project components, and include advice that can be dynamically updated. 

7. Benefits

The Benefits Include:

- Project start-up is faster.

- The work is more predictable.

- Teams know what to expect.

- All members learn best practices.

- Project results are improved.

- and users develop a competitive advantage.

8. Thank You For Watching

Thanks for watching, please check out our other videos.

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