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Add New Projects -- From Smart Templates (1:28)

1. Start Projects From Smart Templates

This video describes how to start projects from smart templates.

2. Select Add a New Project

To add a new project, go to the top of the Dashboard 

Select the + button to the right of the word Project

3. Go to Available Templates

To view the templates that are available to add to your list, click the More Templates button

4.  Scroll Available Templates

Scroll the list of templates on the right,

It contains all the public templates, and the private templates that have been shared with you.

Click the "I" button for a brief description of the template 

5. View Template Descriptions

This is the description of the Left to Right Workflow

6. Add a Template to Your List

To add a template to your list, check the associated box.

Removing the check, will remove the template from your list.

Click DONE GO BACK, to close the list on the right.

7. Select a Template For Your Project

Select a template for starting a project.

You will be prompted, to enter project overview information.

8. Enter the Project Name

Enter the project’s name, and then select NEXT.

9. Enter the Project Manager and Sponsor

You can enter the project manager, and sponsor, now, or later.

10. Enter Project Goals

Enter the project’s goals, The overall project timeline is displayed.

As components are added to the project the dates are rolled up through the three-level work described in another video.

When you select DONE, the project’s main page displaying the project's scope will open.

11. Thank You For Watching,

Thanks for watching, check out our other videos

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