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How To Manage Projects With Project-Assistant -- (1:56)

1. How To Manage Projects Introduction

This video will identify six critical questions for managing projects followed by how to respond to each question using a Project-Assistant feature.

2. 6 Critical Questions

Focus on these six critical questions for each project

What's the project? 

What's the workflow? 

What will be delivered? 

How will the solution be created? 

When will the solution be delivered? 

How will the project stay on track? 

3. What's the Project?

Begin by selecting a public or private custom template, and create the project. 

Use the project plan feature to describe and share the plan so all involved understand the project

4. What's the Workflow?

Just as managers follow a workflow for hiring, project teams need a workflow for doing projects

The public or private template that was used to create the project, is a starting workflow. 

Modify the starting template to define your specific project's workflow. 

5. What Will Be Delivered?

Enter and describe the solution deliverables. 

Gain agreement on the deliverables, before moving forward.

6. How Will the Solution Be Created?

By doing work packages and tasks. 

Enter and describe the work packages, and tasks required, to produce each deliverable.

7. When Will the Solution Be Delivered?

When all assigned and scheduled work is completed

Assign and schedule the tasks in small steps, and at short intervals.

8. How Will the Project Stay On-track?

By taking action on the built-in alerts, the needs attention report, and schedule

9. Thank You For Watching

Thanks for watching; please check out our other videos.

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